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Northbrook, Illinois home inspection gives multiple reasons to perform an inspection on your home before the closing.

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Northbrook, Illinois home inspection delivers several reasons why to perform an inspection prior to the closing.  I hear about this issue quite a bit these days.  ” I just closed on my house and my water heater stopped working” or  ” Jim, do you have a furnace guy?”  ” My furnace broke”.  Followed by,”I didn’t think I needed to hire an inspector to evaluate the integrity of my homes mechanical systems”?  You see if your reading this blog so are many other people that might have skipped their inspection portion of their home purchase.  In fact, I write for 111 blogs that we own the rights to.  So I come across the issue of inspection or no inspection quite a bit.

My honest opinion in any type of economy is some type of inspection is better than no inspection.  You see many inspection companies have multiple choices of inspection services to fit their clients financial situation.  All you need to do is ask.  My client from the Northbrook home inspection wanted what we call a 4 post inspection.  Basically, this is a mechanical and structural inspection to make sure that the integrity of the mechanical systems and structure of the home are in tact.  The price of this type of home inspection is general 2/3 of the price of an average home inspection.  This type of home inspection is used in the banking/insurance business quite a bit. You can see all the choices we offer at ~

Like I said, If you don’t get a home inspection you run the risk of having to face issues on your own after you move in.  Basically paying for the old owners issues.  Things like the furnace can go, water heater, electrical system malfunction, insulation and much much more.  You can see what some of these issues would cost to repair or replace ~  My client from the home inspection in Northbrook was able to use this table for their negotioations.

If you are miving to Northbrook, Illinois and questions for the village you can contact them at ~

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